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Welcome as a new Chemistry student by the University of Stavanger

As a new chemistry student you can:

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Fadderuka (Fadder week)

As a new student by the University of Stavanger (UiS) you are welcome at the Fadder week. This is the student festival that is arranged by the fadder board, that is subject to the Studentorganisasjon i Stavanger (StOr). All student societies are responsible for the organisation of their Fadders for the new students. KiS is the student society if you take a chemistry related education by UiS. Read more about us here.


During the fadder week you'll get to know a ot of new people, and the possibility to create a big contact network. If you need any help at all, contact your fadder.

During the festival you'll recieve some fadders that are there to help you get a good start as a student. Fadders and the fadder children have different colour shirts. They can be bought from KiS and will work as a entrance ticket to the festival. You HAVE to have the t-shirt with you to enter the festival area.

There is going to be arranged a lot of things during the festival. Join as much or as little as you´d like. Grillings, competitions, parties and much more that is in the program for the fadder festival. A lot happens both at campus and in town.

Food and drinks are avaliable to be bought at the festival area.

Fadderweek 2018 is going to be an AWERSOME fadderweek.
Are you coming?
Sign up as a fadder child here.
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