KiS Regulations

KiS is the student society for chemistry students in Stavanger and was established February 2010. The purpose of the society is to create unity and a good environment for the students. We arrange mountain hikes, parties, connection to potential employers and assist students in creating their social network. This is all done for the benefit for the students, for the students to enjoy their years at the university and to encourage them to complete their degree.

The following study program are part of KiS:

  • Biochemistry (bachelor 3 years)

  • Chemistry and environment (bachelor 3 years)

  • Biological Chemistry (master 2 years)

  • Environmental Monitoring in the Northern Regions (master 2 years)

  • Environmental Technology (master 2 years) (2 programs; Offshore Environmental Engineering, and Water Science and Technology)



The KiS board can be reached on email styret@kjemiistavanger.no.

The board of 2018 are:


Ida Martine Jensen




Nicolay Neverdahl

Second in command


Arelis Heredia Gomez


Stine Å. Nordbø



Sunniva M. Stormark

Fadder Leader

Nicolay Neverdahl



Thea Kleiberg



Natalija Jakovljevic

Fadder Leader

Stine Å. Nordbø


Ida Haugen & Camilla kvinge

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